Introduction to Sociological Review


The establishment of the Sociology Department at the Vietnam Social Science Council (fomer name of VASS) in 1977 provided bases for the development of sociology in Vietnam in general, including the formation of Socilogical Review. Under License No.26/XB-BC issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information on January 1, 1983, Socilogical Review was launched in the first quarter of 1983 from its predecessor called "Sociological Bulletine", which was first published in 1982. Over three decades, Sociological Review has constantly developed with Institute of Sociology as well as the sociology of Vietnam. Sociological Review has always been the voice of Vietnam’s sociology, the forum for researchers, teachers, policy makers and enthusiasts of sociology, contributing substantially to the development of research and training of sociology in Vietnam.


The first editor-in-chief was Prof. Vu Khieu (1983-1988), followed by Prof. Trinh Duy Luan (2000-2001 and 2006-2011), Prof. Mai Quynh Nam (2001-2005) and from 2012, Prof. Dang Nguyen Anh. Members of the editorial board consist of professors, associate professors, and doctors, who have expertise, prestige and experience in reviewing and evaluating sociological research papers. In the process of development, Sociological Review has gathered various collaborators, including managers, researchers, teachers, students... from many agencies, institutes, research centers, universities and NGOs in Vietnam and abroad. Many foreign authors and staff members of the IOS have articles published in Sociological Review that have contributed to the development of Vietnam’s sociology.

The Sociological Review in Vietnamese is published four issues per year, and by June 2018, 142 issues have been published with nearly 2,000 articles. The research papers published in Sociological Review always reflect the main research areas of the Institute of Sociology as well as Vietnam’s sociology in general, contributing to solving many theoretical and practical problems of sociology, and providing scientific arguments for the planning of national policies and strategies. Being a scientific forum of sociological community, the Sociological Review attempts to present a panorama of Vietnamese society from sociological perspectives. The articles focus on topics of population change, urban sociology, rural sociology, labor and technology sociology, cultural sociology, family sociology, sociology of health, mass media studies, social security and social work, environmental sociology, etc.

Over 35 years of development, the Sociological Review has become a popular source of reference, not only in sociology community but also in most social science institutions and policymaking bodies. The Review always closely reflects and supports the development of national strategies and policies, and lively reflects research and training activities of sociology in Vietnam. Sociological Review has won the title of Labor Elite, and repeatedly received the Certificate of Merit from VASS and the Prime Minister.


Since 2013, the English version of the Review called “Sociology” have been published (two issues per year) in order to intergrate Vietnam’ sociology into the world. Welcomed by readers and scholars in Vietnam and abroad, the Sociology has played an important role in introducing and spreading knowledge and achievements of Vietnam’s sociology to the international community.


Socilogical Review