The Function And Task Of The Information- Library Department


I. Introduction


    The information-library department of the Institute of Sociology was founded in 1977 in which the Vietnamese Sociology Board was first established.

The board was then named as the Institute of Sociology in 1983, which belongs to the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

The information-library department is a library which books, journals and other reference material are kept for researchers, study students, lecturers and readers from inside or outside of the Institute, to help them improve their study and teaching skills.

At the present, the library collects over 9000 types of books (more than 13000 copies) in different languages as: Vietnamese, English, French, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian, Bulgarian; but, almost are in Vietnamese or English.

The library now keeps 35 kinds of social sciences journals and thousands of sociological reference material.

In the period from 1977 to 1983, the library only kept a few thousands of books.

The sociological ones are mainly in Russian, a few are in French, English, Bulgarian, Hungarian or Chinese.

Due to the limitation of foreign languages comprehensive reading capacity, the readers used to look for Vietnamese books; some books were translated from Russian, French and English into Vietnamese and printed by a craft printing method- so-called “roneo”.

Books were in the limitation on numbers, the library service was not so professional yet, moreover, the readers searched the library reference with a hand-writing category folder; therefore, it prevented the library from providing the readers a professional assistance to search for and borrow materials.

The readers must used to come to other institute libraries or the National Library to search for reference materials which were not available in the library.

Since 1995, the library was equipped with computers which eased the locating and borrowing books than ever.

Books and reference materials were digitalized in a book scanning software, the library assistance has gradually computerized.

Since 1995 up to now, the library has served approximately 2000 turns of readers from both inside and outside of the institute.

The library now preserves more than 9000 types of books including over 13000 different social sciences copies but most of them are sociological ones (classic sociological textbook, journals, theory-based study and survey-based study reports in Vietnamese, English or French.

It is to say that the information and reference materials kept the library, at the present, can meet the demand of the readers from sociological study fields and policy advocacy.


II. Functions and tasks


2.1 Functions:


The information- library department has some typical functions below:

- Preserving and disseminating sociological and other social sciences research publications which are in Vietnamese and foreign languages.

- Providing and exchanging information on research publications to institutes, libraries within The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.


2.2 Tasks


- Implementing library assistance activities in order to provide the best service to Vietnamese and international readers and researches, sociology students from universities, institutes.

- Providing the services of the librarians who are experts at finding and organizing information classified as topics/fields

- Reviewing and briefing contents of publications

- Doing literature reviews commissioned by individuals, other departments, the institute or other organizations.

- Creating events which display and publicize study publications to readers.

- Preserving reference materials, study reports…as the regulations of the library.


The information-library department