Research and Development


Research areas:


1. History of sociology, sociological theory, sociological methodology


2. Principle institutions: family, education, healthcare, economics, politics, religions, laws


3. Social interactions between individuals, social groups, the maintenance of norms and values, processes of conflicts and consensus


4. Social structures, inequality and social stratification


5. Social change: processes of transformation, trends of change, social development


6. Interactions between humans, society and natural environment


7.Social issues in the period of social transformation, international integration and globalization




Experts working at the Institute have trained generations of undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students in the last twenty years.


It was in the last two decades that the Institute markedly proved its training capacity.


In addition to formal training, the Institute has attended to informal training for young researchers through participation in scientific workshops, research projects, and seminars.


The Institute stresses on young researchers’ self studying and continuous learning as a means of building the next generation of sociologists.


Institute of Sociology