Recent Research Areas


Rural Sociology

   - The trend of labor-occupational structure change in rural areas

   - Stratification of living standards in rural areas

   - Educational inequality in rural areas

   - Farmers in contemporary Vietnam

   - Social stratification and social mobility

   - Social networks and household economic development in rural areas

   - Community development in rural areas

   - Inequality in living standards and use of land in rural areas

   - The role of social organizations in rural development


Urban Sociology

   - Urbanization in Vietnam

   - Social stratification in urban areas

   - Housing policy for low-income people in urban areas

   - Social change in suburban areas

   - The urban poor

   - The role of social capital in minimizing conflict in suburban communities

   - The system of registration of residence in big cities


Cultural Sociology

   - Traditional and modern values

   - Trends of social movements

   - The use of time and entertainment culture

   - Religious sociology in Vietnam

   - Process of creation, transmission and preservation of culture values.

   - Education system in the renovation period

   - Prevention of alcohol abuse

   - Religious beliefs and behaviors


Population, Health, Family

   - Demographic transition and social change

   - Change in population structure, fertility and mortality,

   - Low fertility and replacement fertility

   - Sex ratio at birth

   - Population aging

   - Mortality and causes of death

   - Rural-urban migration and return migration

   - Resettlement due to climate and environment change

   - International labor migration

   - Quality of population and labor force

   - Change in occupational structure

   - Population and family planning policies

   - The issues of divorce in modern Vietnam

   - Population health and primary healthcare system


Social Security and Welfare

   - Social security system in Vietnam

   - Criteria for multidimensional poverty determination

   - Accessibility to healthcare and health insurance

   - Access to basic social services

   - Social charity in contemporary Vietnam.

   - Vocational training and employment of young people

   - Career orientation for young people

   - Livelihood of suburban youth

   - Social welfare for the elderly

   - Social security in the informal sector

   - Social work for disadvantaged groups


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