History of the Institute


Institute of Sociology: the milestones


  • Before 1986: Sociology, a new discipline in Vietnam, was gradually formed. The predecessor of the Institute was the Sociology Unit established in 1972 inside the National Committee for Social Sciences (later renamed as Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences). In 1983 the Sociology Unit was upgraded to form the Institute of Sociology. During the period 1972-1986 a number of the first sociologists were trained in the Soviet Unions, Germany, India, Belgium, Bulgaria and Hungary.


  • 1986-2000: Sociology gradually built up its reputation in Vietnamese social sciences. In this period, many researchers who earned their PhD degrees from universities in Russia, the United States and Sweden returned to the Institute and contributed to the development of research departments. Furthermore, the Institute trained its first batch of doctoral students in these years.


  • 2001-2010: The Institute promoted its consultation and policy research in collaboration with governmental agencies, national and international organisations. In this period, the Institute was strengthened by a generation of young and enthusiastic researchers who graduated from the United States, French, Australian, and Japanese universities.


  • From 2011 to 2020:  The Institute has been boosting up its theoretical research, focusing on both interdisciplinary and subfield studies. It has been keen at disseminating research results to policy makers, and widening international cooperation.


Institute of Sociology

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