International cooperation and integration in research and training



During process of formation and development, Institute of Sociology has constantly expanded international cooperative activities. In the 1980s, the IOS had scientific connection and exchange with many universities and research institutes in Eastern Europe and sent many staff for PhD training or study visit. In the 1990s, IOS had eight doctors graduated sociology in Eastern Europe countries, four doctors graduated in the United States and Sweden, and five masters graduated in Australia and UK.

At the beginning of 21st century, sending IOS staff to studying abroad continued to be promoted. The IOS had more doctors and masters graduated in universities in Australia, Japan, France, UK and USA. All these staff has made a team of competence and diversified researchers for carrying out research and training of IOS. Besides, many researchers of IOS participated in short training courses on research methods in universities abroad or attended international scientific conferences.

In the last three decades, IOS had carried out more than 100 research projects in cooperation with or/and funded by international organizations on various topics, such as:

- Migration, urbanization and development

- Aging population, the elderly and social security system

- Voluntary health insurance

- Healthcare and population health

- Family and demographic change

- Reproductive health and family planning

- Adolescents and social change

- Knowledge, attitude and behavior on HIV/AIDS

- Domestic violence

- Human trafficking

- Occupational structure change

- Urbanization and urban housing

- Adaptation to environment and climate change

- Social protection, security and wellbeing

The key international sponsers and partners of IOS include SAREC and SIDA (Sweden), CIDA, INRS and IDRC (Canada), NEDA (Netherlands), SCD (Swiss), JICA, Toyota Foundation (Japan), Ford Foundation, Population Council (USA), AFD (French), Oxfarm, British Council, GIZ (Germany), ADB, World Bank, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, Washington University, University of Michigan, Brown University, University of British Columbia University, Pennsylvania State University (US), York University, Bristol University (UK), Gothenburg University (Sweden), Australian National University, Mahidol University (Thailand), SSRC (USA), PAS (Poland), etc.

These collaborative activities have contributed significantly to enhancing research capabilities of IOS, as well as promoting IOS's extensive and diverse integration in the region and around the world.


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