Functions and tasks




Being a scientific research institution of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), the Institute of Sociology has the following functions:


- To study key theoretical and practical issues of social development and management in Vietnam;


- To provide scientific foundations for the formation of national strategies, guidelines and policies in the socio-economic development of Vietnam;


- To provide scientific consultancy and participate in training to develop human resources in sociology in Vietnam;


- To expand cooperation and promote international integration in sociology.




1. To submit to the President of VASS proposals of strategies, and annual and five-year plans for the development of Institute of Sociology, and organize the implementation of them after being approved.


2. To study basic theoretical and practical issues of Vietnamese society from sociological perspectives, contributing scientific knowledge on social issues in the development process of Vietnam.


3. To combine research with training of sociological professionals, and to participate in graduate and postgraduate training for the development of highly qualified human resources requested by VASS or other organizations.


4. To provide comments and scientific criticism to socio-economic development programs and projects at requests of the government, VASS, and other ministries, branches and localities.


5. To organize scientific consultancy and provide public services on socio-economic issues in conformity with functions and tasks of the Institute of Sociology.


6. To conduct international cooperation in research and training according to existing regulations.


7. To sign contracts for implementation of research and scientific applications with other research institutions/organizations and scientists in Vietnam or abroad in accordance with the law and VASS regulations.


8. To exchange scientific information with domestic and foreign agencies according to existing regulations, manage the library of Institute of Sociology, disseminate and publish results of scientific research and scientific knowledge on sociology.


9. To manage the organization, structure and  employees of Institute of Sociology according to their professional titles; to manage assets and funds of Institute of Sociology in accordance with existing regulations of the State and VASS.


10. To perform other tasks as assigned by the President of VASS.


Institute of Sociology